Whole House surge Protector - Lightning Rod Parts

Installation is so simple a Cave Man can do it. Only 3 wires to your electrical panel.

$265 plus $12 shipping and handling

SYCOM's SYC-120/240TC commercial and residential Surge Protector is designed for whole house protection and any hardwire application.

SYCOM's SYC-120/240TC Features:

Lifetime Warranty
Connected Equipment Warranty

C UL US Listed

Surge Current:
  • 150,000 AMPS Total

Clamping Level:
  • Line to Ground 150 VRMS
    MOV Rating
  • Line to Line 310 VRMS
    MOV Rating

Response Time:
  • < 5 Nanoseconds

  • Hard Wire in parallel

Thermal Fusing

  • 2 7/8" x 3' x 1 3/8"
  • Weight 1 lb.

Diagnostic Light:
  • Indicates ground is present
  • Surge Protection functional
  • 120/240 Single Phase Protection

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